What if you could fast-track your next-gen network, bridging SDN and NFV with a seamless end-to-end service experience?

Assurance Analytics for Next-Gen Networks

Assurance analytics bridge SDN & NFV with seamless end-to-end service.

Service providers must demand total situational awareness and control when deploying SDN and NFV.  SONAR4 offers end-to-end visibility and root cause traceability across all services, functions, infrastructure and automation along the service path.

Functional Modules


Telemetry Data Normalization

Outlier Filtering
Attribute Scaling
Attribute Standardization
Event Modification


Telemetry Enrichment

Dynamic Topology Modelling
Telemetry Stream Imprinting


Network Analytics Engine

Correlation Feature
Filtering Pattern Analysis
Anomaly Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Identification


Data Interaction

Contextual Analysis
Real-time Troubleshooting
Role-based Dashboards
Configurable Reporting
Data Sharing


Assurance Automation

Assurance Automation Engine
Continuous Active Testing
Northbound API

The transformation to cloud
network operator is a balancing act. 
Assurance analytics benefit
your entire service lifecycle.


Wireless Services

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Enterprise Services

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Residential Services

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