Service assurance applications for
SDN Architectures

Generic Architecture Solutions

Delivering the promise of network automation through end-to-end assurance analytics.


Next-generation services require a next-generation foundation – one that is highly resilient and has low operating costs. Through assurance analytics, Service Providers can realize the benefits of automation while delivering exceptional QoE.


Functional Modules

Edge Autonomy

Scalable next-generation services depend upon an intelligent edge, which can perform closed loop automation with little or no centralized role.

  • Analyze granular telemetry in real time.
  • Publish conclusions and actions to the NBI, rather than raw telemetry.

Low Latency

The promise of 5G depends upon the immediacy of interaction. This drives the need for hyper-localized analytics with the smallest possible footprint and energy.

Data-Driven Correlation

Trivial inferences and thresholds are not enough to support realworld operations. SONAR4 helps Service Providers:

  • Harness many disparate KPI sources.
  • Link sources at the data level, not just the VNF or container.
  • Maintain a consistent, end-to-end view of service health.

Context Awareness

So often in Big Data, the full situational awareness, is lost as the data is ingested. This means you can’t forensically determine facts. SONAR4 helps you:

  • Recreate complex network and service states.
  • Contextualize non-network information such as change management, call center activity, etc.

Full-Stack Analytics

SDN has increased complexity by introducing new technology layers in the service path. SONAR4 helps you:

  • Associate each session with the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure that served it.
  • Dissect service problems in terms of customer, time and infrastructure.

More Than Closed Loop

Closing the automation loop is not the end of remediating a problem, but rather the beginning. SONAR4 helps you:

  • Validate the effectiveness of automation actions.
  • Develop automation that has visibility into other services running on shared infrastructure.

Capture the benefits of
SDN and NFV through
next-generation assurance analytics.


On-Demand Enterprise Services


4G/5G Wireless


Residential Broadband & Video


Internet of Things

Conquering network frameworks:
Before delivering network services on demand, we need to address and assure the realities of today’s architecture.

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